Marine Invasive Species Monitoring Program
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Welcome to the Volunteer Monitoring Program Data Portal

Welcome to the Puget Sound Marine Invasive Species Volunteer Monitoring Program (MISM) website and data entry portal. MISM is a science-based, multi-species focused monitoring program, utilizing trained volunteers to conduct shoreline sampling throughout the inland marine waters of Puget Sound. The program’s focus is ambient monitoring and early detection of marine and estuarine non-native invasive species.

MISM is sponsored by Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) Aquatic Nuisance Species Division. Program development, operation and volunteer coordination are conducted by Nahkeeta Northwest Wildlife Services of Bow, Washington. The volunteer monitoring database and web portal were developed and made available in cooperation with Oregon State University Department of Biological & Ecological Engineering.

MISM Program Components

The Puget Sound Marine Invasive Species Volunteer Monitoring Program (MISM) engages trained citizen volunteers to monitor beaches throughout Puget Sound, Hood Canal, southern Strait of Georgia and Juan de Fuca Strait for non-native and invasive marine species. Through personalized educational training, on-line resource information and supportive networks, MISM volunteers become familiar with local shoreline conditions and knowledgeable in identifying both native and non-native intertidal species.

Species targeted for monitoring include 32 marine and estuarine organisms selected from the Washington State Aquatic Nuisance Species (ANS) Watch List (8/07). Target species include plants, marco-algae and invertebrates. These range from familiar, well dispersed organisms to lesser known, obscure species - some have not yet been detected in Puget Sound, but pose a high risk to its ecology.

The MISM program utilizes four methods for searching marine shorelines for target species. Species identification cards were developed to assist volunteers in the field and on-line data entry portal provides a convenient and efficient data entry system.

For each participating volunteer MISM provides an opportunity to learn, discover and become a knowledgeable steward of Puget Sound.


For more information, or if you are having problems with the website or data entry, please contact Nahkeeta Northwest at